Here we had to remove an old concrete block and render chimney stack that had split straight down the middle. To prevent this ever happening again the new chimney was built directly off of pre stressed concrete lintels and a lime based mortar was mixed. Then we rebuilt in brick inserting all the lead trays and flashings and leaving weather tight. Very happy customers and thank you again to Somerset scaffolding for a great platform to work off of.

Plenty of prep work done to this fireplace. Originally there was a jetmaster here but the clay liners were in poor repair. Scaffolding was erected and our specialist liner removing equipment was used to break out the clays. The opening was adjusted as the new liner requires a gather unit to be fitted and then both this and the lounge chimney were insulated with vermiculite. Dusty work but furniture and floors were well protected. All ready for next week and the fireplace rebuild.

As we were asked to rebuild all of the chimneys at his amazing house, the customer asked if we could provide and fit a replacement set of caps for the gable end. It turned out that all three gable ends needed refitting and here are the end pictures. Work well done we think and thank you to ken our stone mason for doing an amazing job of remaking two of the original slabs that were beyond repair.

We work outside too!

At this house the customer was having a lot of problems with damp coming in into the bedroom. So we demolished the stack to below the roof line and inserted a lead stay and flashing, then rebuilt the whole chimney stack.