Covid-19 Update

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak and the latest Government guidelines, all on site work will be postponed until further notice.

If you require a site survey during this time, we are available to carry this out via a video call. 

Thank you for your co-operation and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Keep safe!

Thatch is not a problem

Conservation and Listed building consent

With a long standing relationship built over many years with these bodies we can help and advise you on the best course of action to make your new fireplace possible and legal.

We've done this before

There are several options that can be chosen to make sure that you get the fireplace that you want and to be safe in the knowledge that it has been done professionally and safely. 

Try to challenge us and see what we can do for you.

We never shy away from a good thatch project to undertake, we have all the necessary skills, knowledge and can do attitudes which set us aside from the rest. Yes, they are tricky, given that the roof is a combustible material, but every problem has a solution.

Starting at the beginning, we installed a new closure plate to seal off the flue, installed a secondary closure plate further up the chimney to help support the twin skin insulated system, along with a hatch door to inspect the flue in the loft. From this secondary closure plate we could then install a flexible liner down to the first closure plate.

From the secondary closure plate, the insulated flue system was fitted to finish at the top of the extended chimney stack, 2 new tall pots were cemented in place with fresh flaunching, allowing a now legal termination point, safely away from the thatch.

A full stove service was carried out on both of the stoves, being fitted with new ropes, cleaned up and re-sprayed.

Great job doing what all the others said couldn't be done. This thatched house had two flex liners going into one flue. This being illegal the customer was told by fire prevention and insurance they would have to decide on which fire they wanted reinstated and which they wanted removed. Several quotes later and everybody said one fire only. Then we came in with some out of the box thinking and told the customer they could have both fires if they wanted. Being a liaison with fire prevention and having a good relationship with the thatch insurance company's. We convinced these bodies to let us try our idea. The result two fireplaces and a very happy customer.

This thatch job was a week long affair, it included taking down the chimney stack, carefully keeping as many of the original bricks as possible. Installing a closure plate for both inglenook fireplaces, allowing a gather to pass through. Parging both flues by sending down a lime based parging mix. Extending the chimney stack while keeping it looking as original as we had taken it down. Finished off with a jigsaw of stone slabs and pillars built up to offer protection from the rain and birds.

As ventilation is vital, Ray designed both the vents to allow the correct amount of air in for the fireplaces while being simpothetic to the décor of the house. Ray also designed the gathers for both flues, each custom to the requirements of the flue to stop smoke spillage into the rooms. They were also designed with a close-able baffle by means of a handle so to shut them off when not in use also. These were made by the expert hands at Somerset Forge, who manufacture and adjust a lot of work for us.