Chimney Sweeping & Servicing

Sooty & Pete


We offer a chimney sweeping service by our very own Super Sweep, Pete. He is a family favourite amongst the Robert Neave family for his professionalism, sense of humour and super sweeping skills. Armed with a set of power sweeping rods and a can do attitude, Pete will give your flue system a thorough clean.

Safety First & Maintain your Warranty


We know you will love your new fireplace and use it regularly. A by-product of this is a build up of soot in your chimney, which will need removing. Not only will the stove perform inefficiently due to reduced flue size, you will also get an increase in carbon monoxide. Maintaining your stove and flue system will not only save you money on fuel, but could save a life.

(Annually - Wood, Twice a year - Multi-Fuel - Depending on use)

Stove Servicing


All stoves need some form of maintenance over time, much like an MOT for a car. We will check:

Firebricks, rope integrity, fluepipe connections, glass cleanliness and repair or replace.

We will also advise on any outside influences that can affect the efficiency of a stove or flue system including fuel being used and changes to living environment.

Our Sweeping is only offered to existing Robert Neave Ltd installs

National Association of Chimney Sweeps


We are a member of this well established association committed in giving professional chimney sweeping, guidance on safe operation and technical knowledge.

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