Here we have removed a raised hearth and the inner brick pillars of this double sided open fire and relayed the existing hearth at floor level, completely removed the tar in the chimney and lined and insulated the flue with a flex liner ready to fit the new double sided stove. What a difference and far more efficient than an open fire.

Frances Barr - "It looks fantastic"

This has been a great team effort from everyone. This was one huge undertaking taking a full week to do. Two fireplaces on opposite sides fully removed and supported with new lintels. Then both fireplaces were broken through to create a double sided fireplace. Fully rebuilt rendered and plastered with new hearths. Chimneys merged and lined and a chimney stack rebuild. A great job.

Frances Barr "Thank you for a great job - it looks fantastic and we are really happy!"

This customer wanted a stove big enough that heat would fill the hallway from the lounge and travel up the stairs. So when Ray went out to see them, having a solution to every problem kind of mind, he suggested that a double sided stove might be the best option for them.

The end result looks fantastic and is not too oversized for both rooms, which is a problem that might have come up had they not known about the feasibility of this option. Slate hearths were laid, the parquet flooring had to be cut and re-fitted to suit the rest of the room, rendered recess with making good around the walls. All done by ourselves, signed off with HETAS.