Hang Fire!

This is a job we have been looking forward to for three months. The existing fireplace at the end of the room had to be condemned and was no longer safe to use. This was removed and plastered over by ourselves.

As a result the clients wanted a WOW factor fireplace in the centre of the room. So after a few Stove suggestions the right fire was found and the flue supports were designed by ourselves and manufactured by Somerset forge.

The stove was sourced through our great friends at Mendip Fireplaces and the client supplied the hearth.

A great team effort and a stunning end result. Some very happy customers who could not do more to accommodate us for three days.

Even if you live or own a canal boat, we can still fit you a fire to suit. As with all installations there are regulations we comply with to ensure safety and efficient performance of the stove.

Even if you live out in the woods in a little cabin, we may be able to help you keep warm on those frosty nights. This particular job was deep in the woods, surrounded by beautiful views of the hills and woodlands. The customer asked us to fit a wood burning stove into his cabin, so we gladly obliged. We installed a slate hearth, an insulated flue system which is ideal for said environments, due to distance to combustibles, sealed the roof from the rain and fitted a rain cowl. All tested for it's safety and efficiency.